Why do my brothers refer to me as their ‘little brother’ when talking to people?  I never refer to them as my ‘big brothers’, I use the much more adult wording of ‘older brothers’.

‘Little’ implies that you’re still a child, of which I am not.  What’s more, my middle brother will call me his ‘little brother’ but my other brother his ‘older brother’.  Where’s the consistency in that?  It’s little and big, or younger and older.  Using little and older together is even more of a put down for me, imo.

Yes, I may have a bit of a youngest sibling inferiority complex, but you know what doesn’t help?  Being called ‘little’.  Yes.

And I’m not the shortest in height either, so I’m not little in age or height.  So, basically I’m only the ‘littlest’ in that I’m not as old as they are, which doesn’t even make sense, as ‘little’ is never a word used to describe someone’s age.

In conclusion, I think they should abolish the use of the word ‘little’ to denote a younger sibling.  It’s demeaning and factually incorrect in a lot of instances, and should be overthrown by the much more sensible and practical description of ‘younger’.


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