Daylight Savings

The clocks have just gone forward.  *Grumble*  I hate the clocks going forward.  Here’s why:

You have to get up an hour earlier just to get up at the same time.  Same for bed.

It gets darker later.  I like night time to be dark.  That’s how it should be.  It shouldn’t be still light at 8pm and onwards.  I like to skulk in the gloom of night.

It means Summer is getting nearer.  I don’t like Summer; I’d say why but this post is a moan about daylight savings and not Summer.

I don’t see the point.  Why add an hour now and then take it away again in October?  Yes, I hear explanations about making it lighter for people at night, or some such reasoning, but I don’t like any of them.  It should be optional – we should at least get a national vote.  For or against.  Why do I have to time travel forward an hour when there could be thousands of others like me who aren’t in favour of it either?

It messes up your body clock.  Sure, it’s only an hour, but suddenly we have to have lunch an hour earlier, go to meetings an hour earlier, do everything an hour earlier.  The clock says it’s a certain time, but my mind…my mind knows it’s not that time.  “What you trying to pull?”  it says.  Begrudgingly it eventually gets accustomed to it.

People have to hear me say things like, “It’s three o’clock…but really it’s only two o’clock” for about two weeks after the clocks change.  That doesn’t bother me, of course, but I’m an empathetic guy and am including a moan on the behalf of others.


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