I’m one of those people that likes privacy.  As soon as it gets dark, I’ll close my curtains and shut the blinds.

From most of my windows, you can see other people’s windows – and if you can see them, then they can see you.

Call me paranoid, but if I’m at my window, I feel like there’s people spying out of there’s.  Nosey neighbours. Sneaky peekers.

For the most part, there’s probably not even anyone looking over, but we all know that those people are out there.  Looking in at other people’s furniture, what kind of tv they’ve got, spying on activities and who’s coming and going.

At the other end of the spectrum to me, there are the people that just don’t give a damn who can see them.  Hey, maybe they even like it.  Or maybe they just don’t even consider it and just go about their business without a care.
Those people that sit of their sofas at night on a busy street, lights on, curtains wide open, eating spaghetti bolognese and watching Game of Thrones.  Oh, to have such an open relationship with the world must be nice indeed.  I’d love to have such a carefree attitude towards privacy, but alas, I do not.  No, for me it just won’t do to let other humans see another human doing ordinary human things in their home.  Why?  You know, now I’m trying to think of why and I can’t really think of a 100% solid reason.  Trust, I suppose.  I don’t trust people.  I don’t like others in my territory; I like to have my own space and I don’t like others in it, or seeing it.

Funnily enough, when I’m passing houses where you can see straight into people’s rooms, I do like to look.  Is that hypocritical? I don’t know.  I figure that if they haven’t bothered to close their blinds then they’re not too fussed about people seeing in.  Of course, it’s just a quick glance/nosey at their decor and such: one would definitely draw the line at someone standing outside for a good ten minutes or coming right up to the window to stare inside, curtains or no curtains.  There’s a line between having a look at what’s visible and being a creepy weirdo.

In conclusion, I think privacy is good – definitely essential for certain things, but too much privacy…is that alienating?
I know that if I’m sitting outside on a bench, or in the pub, I’m still aware of people watching: I crave that privacy, to cut out all eyes from seeing (not literally).

On the other hand, sometimes I like people looking.  If I feel like I’m looking good and there’s nice looking ladies around.  Sure, look away.
I suppose it depends on conditions: sometimes I want to be seen, to be acknowledged, and sometimes I don’t, which I’m sure is the same for everybody.

Still, It’d still be nice to do my dodgy kung-fu kicks in my living room, and not feel like the whole street is watching and laughing.

via Daily Prompt: Territory


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